Elckerlyc International School is the international branch of Elckerlyc Montessori Basisschool under the ruling of Dutch legislation called “Internationaal Georienteerd Basis Onderwijs” (IGBO). As two schools under one roof they are part of Stichting Montessori Onderwijs Zuid-Holland (MZH), a foundation governing four more Montessori schools. The five Montessori schools and Elckerlyc International School combine their administration but at the same time maintain the character of the individual schools as much as possible. The MZH has a non-executive board of five independent members, supervising the executive board of two members. The executive board is responsible for the policy of the foundation and acts as the employer of all teachers and other staff of the affiliated schools, whereas each school has its own director. The executive board and the school directors form the management team of the MZH. The management of Elckerlyc consists of the director, representing the two schools in the management team of the MZH, and deputy director, acting as head of the International School.

School Board

Mevr. C. Willemse
Dhr. P. Mos (voorzitter)

Supervisory board

Dhr. Willem Grool (chair)
Mevr. Heleen Schrooyen
Mevr. Bea van der Heide
Dhr. Han de Bruijn
Dhr. Rutger Boot

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