Elckerlyc International School is a warm and welcoming, culturally diverse community. We provide opportunities for children to discover and explore their strengths and abilities, through an engaging curriculum.


We inspire our students to become responsible, resilient, globally and environmentally aware learners. We foster empathy and responsibility, providing opportunities for children, as unique individuals, to flourish.


To achieve this, we:

  • follow the IEYC and IPC curriculum, with a focus on personal and academic goals;
  • develop emotional maturity through our PSHE program Jigsaw;
  • promote all our languages to enable learning;
  • recognise the importance of developing strong academic and social language in English;
  • integrate into Dutch society by learning about its language and culture;
  • create an environment that develops knowledge and respect for different cultures;
  • build a trusting partnership between home and school;
  • provide opportunities for quality professional development for staff.

Legal objectives

  • To create the possibility of continuous development of a child, throughout primary education
  • To address social-emotional development, as well as stimulating creativity and establishing knowledge of social, cultural and physical abilities
  • To commit to the diversity of a multi-cultural environment and to learn to respect each other’s heritage

International mindedness