The School Board that consists of at least four parents who work on a voluntary basis for three-year terms. The responsibilities of the Board include:
1. establishing general policies,
2. staff matters,
3. long-term planning,
4. ultimate responsibility for financial matters,
5. public relations,
6. maintenance of the School and its grounds.





The “MR” (Medezeggenschapsraad = Participation Council) is a council of teachers and parents. The Foundation is obliged by law to institute an “MR” before it is entitled to receive public funds. Parents and teachers elect their own representatives to the “MR”. The International Section delegates two parents and two teachers to this Council. The tasks of the “MR” are:
◦participation in final decision making regarding school policies proposed by the School Board,
◦to support the Board by acting as an intermediary between the parents and the School Board.