Jigsaw at Elckerlyc International School

Jigsaw is a whole school Social and Emotional programme that we follow at Elckerlyc. Jigsaw consists of six Puzzles containing six Pieces (lessons) for each academic year. Every Piece is designed to develop emotional literacy and social skills. During the piece there are activities, songs and calm me time that are age appropriate. Jigsaw equips children to thrive in today’s world, building resilience and self-esteem and helping them understand real issues e.g. body image, cyber and homophobic bullying, and online safety. Each year group studies the same Puzzle at the same time, at their own level, (sequentially building through the school year), facilitating whole-school learning themes. Jigsaw is closely linked to the IPC and reinforces  the IPC Personal Goals.

For more information, go to www.jigsawpshe.com