English Language Learners  (ELL)

Elckerlyc International comprises a mixed community of both native English speakers and children who speak English in addition to their mother tongue. As language is a vital part of learning, we believe that it is the role of both staff and parents to work in partnership to create an environment where all children’s language is enriched, and where diversity is embraced and celebrated. At Elckerlyc, we offer an inclusive approach to language enrichment, providing support for a greater number of children in a variety of settings.

The Department

At Elckerlyc, we have a team of specialist ELL teachers who liaise closely with the classroom teacher to help all children to:

  • achieve continual progress in the acquisition of English;
  • recognise and understand their own bi/multilingualism and gain confidence in pursuing all their languages for learning (families are encouraged to actively pursue the development of the home language/s within the home);
  • understand that there are a range of strategies they can use for their linguistic, cognitive and academic development, including use of their native language.

Significantly, each of our teachers has personal experience in relocating their own families and placing their children in a school environment where the home language is not spoken. Children and their families need to feel supported when they move to another country and in the ELL Department we can offer support to the whole family by way of:

  • introducing parents to established parents of like cultures;
  • having an ‘open-door’ policy whereby all parents may speak with us before and after school as the need arises;
  • being available to listen and help all parents to help make the transition as easy as possible.

For further in-depth information please follow the link for the ELL Policy