English Language Learners (ELLs)

At Elckerlyc, we celebrate the multilingual background of our English language learners (ELLs). Research shows that a strong home language contributes to the development of a strong second language and at Elckerlyc we encourage our students to maintain their home languages whilst learning English. As English is the main language of instruction, we assess all new students’ language proficiency and then put appropriate support in place. An intensive support is offered to all beginners and ELLs are also supported by the English Language teachers in class or in a small group, depending on the focus of the lesson.

We have a team of specialist ELL teachers who liaise closely with the classroom teacher to help children to:
• achieve continual progress in the acquisition of English;
• recognise and understand their own bi/multilingualism and gain confidence in pursuing all their languages for learning (families are encouraged to actively pursue the development of the home language/s within the home);
• understand that there are a range of strategies they can use for their linguistic, cognitive and academic development, including use of their native language.

For further in-depth information please follow the link to the ELL Policy